Tamra is well known for its high purity oxygen free copper, which is immune against hydrogen embrittlement. It is used in applications where high electrical and thermal conductivity are the essential requirements. It can be joined with all welding and brazing methods and it is suitable for manufacturing processes requiring extreme deformability.

Our Oxygen Free Wire Rod is produced with high-quality cathodes with a copper content of more than 99.99%. It is perfectly suited for continuous extrusion applications, renewable energy, magnet wire, satellite and space field, etc. Special attention is given to purity throughout the manufacturing process.

The product offers following advantages:

  1. A clean metallic surface free of organic carbon
  2. Excellent and homogenous product quality
  3. Narrow tolerances for rod diameter
  4. Resistant to hydrogen embrittlement
Oxygen Free Copper Wire Rod


Item Specification
Copper content 99.99 % Minimum
Oxygen content 10 ppm Maximum
Copper grade C10100 / OFE, C10200 / OF
Diameter 8.0 - 20.0 mm
Tolerance +/-0.20 mm
Electrical conductivity (% IACS @ 20o C) 101 % IACS (min)
Surface condition Clean and free from scratches
Packaging :
Internal diameter
Outer diameter

800 ± 100 mm
1200 ± 100 mm
Sea worthy packing on wooden pallet
Coil weight 1 MT, 2 MT, 3 MT or Customer's requirement
Other requirements On mutual agreement

Application Areas