Bunched & Stranded Conductors

TAMRA manufactures a broad range of flexible bunched and strands which are used primarily in specialty single and multiconductor cables also used in special applications like motor brush leads, circuit breaker shunts and flexible bus bar.

Strands and cables are typically made of bare or tinned copper wire but strands and cables for special purposes can be manufactured using silver-plated copper & nickel-plated copper.

At TAMRA Bunching is done on double twist bunchers suitable for variety of cross sections handling delicate wires as 0.05 mm and capable to deliver mostly any type of construction including complex unilay geometry.

Stranding, at TAMRA is done both on planetary and rigid machines to handle flexible (class V) wires and solid / thick wires. Compacted conductors and shaped conductors is TAMRAs specialty.

  1. Base Materials: Cu-ETP /OFE
  2. Coating: Tin / Nickel / Silver
  3. Cross Section: ranging from Ø 0.10 sq mm to 630sq mm
Flexible Bunched Conductors

Bunching / Stranding Geometry

  1. S (LHS) / Z (RHS)
  2. Uni lay
  3. Concentric
  4. Sectoral Conductor
  5. Round Compact Conductor