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To continuously evolve by challenging past achievements and setting new benchmarks as a producer of high quality products and a world class service provider.

A decade ago, Indian Copper Industry consisted of single state owned company and now the copper industry in India takes up about 3% of the entire world market for copper. Copper is the most sustainable gift of nature's bounty. It's almost impossible to imagine the globe without copper. The whole wide world is relying on copper for power, lighting, heating, communication, water, agriculture and transport. Today's technology, without which we feel deficient, is driven by copper.

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When you think of Copper, Think of Tamra.

Innovation is nothing new for Tamra. As a full-service metal producer and supplier, we have pioneered many innovative techniques and processes in the fabrication of copper; from copper redraw and cold forming to cold extrusion of copper and alloy piece parts, and the advanced process development of dispersion-hardened copper.

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